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    For years I had been coming to Ocean City for weekends and day trips. And that translated into a week here and there. But I always wished (as I’m sure some of you do) that after all the fun, I could just walk back to my house. Somewhere in O.C. I’d be walking back to the car to drive through the traffic to drive back to wherever. And I’d see people on their porches, or on their balconies. And I just wished I had a place of my own, just like they did. A place of my own (cue smoke machine and dreamy music) a place of my own, a place of my own...

    Thankfully that day did come. I was excited and a bit apprehensive when I went to close on my house. I’m sure you can appreciate what a major thing buying a house really is. That was in July of 1997, so many years ago. I’ll say there were a few difficult times, as anyone who is a homeowner can expect. But the reward is beyond words. I went through a few mistakes of my own, learned a few things, and met some great people who really helped me along the way. Because I had a place of my Ocean City.

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    Alexander Piela
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